Dec 12, 2012

Today when I tried to open iPhoto, it kept giving the error “iPhoto cannot be opened because of a problem.” and “Check with the developer to make sure iPhoto works with this version of OS X.”

Basically, nothing worked. I updated to the latest version through Mac App Store, repaired disk permissions, reinstalled iLife.


Looking deeper into the error log, I found the cause of the error to be NyxAudioAnalysis, one of the iLife plugins. As others have recommended on forums, the best way to fix it is to grab a working copy and replace it.

It’s a good thing I have about a year’s worth of backups on my Time Capsule to fall back on. Replacing the files at /Library/Frameworks/NyxAudioanalysis.framework worked like a charm.

For those who need a working copy, download NyxAudioAnalysis.framework here.

(I do not claim copyright or any credit for the file. I will not be responsible for any data loss if you use this file.)

EDIT: After checking my Google Analytics, I realized that I was being linked to on StackExchange, Apple Support Community and a few smaller forums. As in, I actually helped somebody out! :’) Three years after I posted, no less.

So even though I was nuking all my old posts, I figured I should keep them on the new site if I think they can still help someone.